The Story of Stubai

The Story of Stubai: From a Blacksmith’s Workshop to a Global Brand of Mountain Equipment

Whether you’re into mountaineering, ice climbing, or ski touring, you need high-quality equipment that can handle the challenges of an alpine environment. Stubai has a history of over 120 years in making some of the best products for mountain sports. Based in Fulpmes, Austria, Stubai has earned a reputation for innovation, craftsmanship, and Sustainability.
The company was founded in 1897 by Josef Zunterer, a blacksmith who specialised in making tools and hardware for local farmers and craftsmen. He soon realised there was a demand for reliable and durable equipment for a growing number of alpine enthusiasts in the region. He started producing crampons, ice axes, pitons, and other metal products for climbing and mountaineering, gaining a reputation for quality and functionality, as he expanded his business to other markets.

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Stubai sports has always been at the forefront of innovation and development in the field of mountain sports. They’ve collaborated with experts, athletes, and organisations, creating products that meet the highest standards in safety, performance, and comfort. Some of the company’s achievements include:

• The first adjustable crampon in 1923, allowing climbers to adapt their equipment to different types of boot and terrain.
• The first ice screw in 1952, which revolutionised ice climbing by providing a secure and easy way to anchor in frozen waterfalls and glaciers.
• The first via ferrata set in 1972, allowing climbers to safely traverse exposed and steep routes equipped with metal cables and ladders.
• The first stick-on anti-balling plate in 1992, preventing snow from sticking to crampons and reducing their grip.
• The first magnetic carabiner in 2012, which automatically closes and locks when attached to a metal surface.

Stubai is actually a consortium of 21 member companies, each with their own expertise and specialisation in tool manufacturing. They use cutting-edge technology to craft steel into refined tools meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. They supply everything, from axes, crampons, and carabiners, to harnesses, helmets, and ropes. All products are made with the finest materials and tested rigorously to ensure durability and performance. Stubai also offers excellent customer service and technical support in helping you select the best tools for your needs and preferences.

Not only are Stubai leaders in the domestic field, but also global players, exporting their products to more than 60 countries around the world. They attend prestigious international trade fairs and showcase their products with pride and confidence. Stubai has earned a reputation as a trusted brand for professional mountain sports equipment delivering excellence and reliability.
They are also committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Using renewable energy sources, such as solar and hydro power, to run their production facilities. They recycle and reuse material, to minimise waste and emissions. They support various environmental and humanitarian causes, such as the Climate Alliance of Tyrol, the Alpine Rescue Service, and the Nepal Aid Foundation.

Stubai offers a wide range of products for different mountain sports, such as:
• Carabiners, via ferrata sets, climbing harnesses,
• Ski poles, bindings, skins, and more for ski touring.
• Ice axes, ice screws, ice tools, and more for ice climbing.
• Mountaineering boots, gaiters, gloves, for mountaineering.

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