Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles: Your Ultimate Trail Companions

Trekking poles are now a common sight on virtually every trail across the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, these unassuming companions can significantly enhance your outdoor experience. Let’s delve into the benefits of trekking poles and why they deserve being included amongst your essential hiking kit. 

Balance, Stability, and Beyond

1.Two Poles Are Better Than One

Whilst a single trekking pole can help maintain balance on uneven terrain or while crossing streams, the true magic happens when you wield both poles. Here’s why:

Weight Distribution: Tests reveal that up to 20% of your body weight is transferred to your arms when using poles. Imagine this: for an average person weighing 80 kg (about 12½ stone), that’s a whopping 16 kg less pressure per step during a descent. Over a 1000-meter downhill trek, that translates to a staggering 20 metric tonnes of relief. And if you’re lugging around a hefty backpack, the difference becomes yet more pronounced.
Knee Protection: By sharing the load with your upper body, trekking poles reduce strain on your knees. This not only minimises wear and tear on your joints but also protects precious cartilage. Many outdoor professionals advocate this knee-friendly approach, maintaining that it improves overall balance and stability; whilst ultimately extending their career in the outdoors

Shock Absorption and Power Boost

Paired poles offer a host of advantages:

Gentler descent: When descending, paired poles significantly reduce shock on your knees. Steep slopes become less punishing, and your joints will thank you.
Uphill Push: Trekking poles provide extra power and propulsion as you push off the ground. Your legs will appreciate the boost, especially during challenging climbs.
Trail Versatility: Whether you’re navigating soft snow, boggy patches, or rocky terrain, trekking poles aid in maintaining balance. They’re your dependable friend when boulder hopping or stream-crossing.

Fatigue Fighter and Posture Perfector

Lighter load: Carrying a heavy pack? Trekking poles help distribute the weight, reducing fatigue. Your legs stay fresher, allowing you to explore for longer.
Back relief: Walking with poles encourages an upright posture, easing strain on your back and hips, reducing some types of lower back pain.
Breathe Easy: Improved posture means better breathing. Trekking poles give you an edge, especially at higher altitudes.

Full-Body Workout

Think of trekking poles as your gym buddies. As you swing and place them, you engage muscles that don’t typically get a workout during regular hiking. Biceps, latissimus dorsi, pectorals, and triceps all join in. Plus, the aerobic benefits of hiking get a boost. Burn extra calories whilst strengthening your entire body.

Efficient Pole Use

Trekking poles don’t have to weigh you down  either. Take Fizan’s Compact Trekking Poles, for instance – they weigh a mere 170 grams each, making them some of the lightest poles available. But it’s not just about weight.. Mastering pole technique takes practice, but the rewards are considerable. Start by adjusting the length to suit your height. Use a natural arm swing, planting the poles slightly ahead of you. Experiment with different grips and find what feels comfortable. Soon, you’ll move with grace and purpose, your poles becoming an extension of your body.

So, next time you venture into the wilderness, make sure your trusty trekking poles are by your side. They’re not just poles; they’re your steadfast companions, aiding you throughout your hike. Enjoy the great outdoors!

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